John MacPhee of Paper Lions delves into the past for their latest album “My Friends”

The story of Paper Lions is one of those small town, feel good capers – a tale of four boys who made it to the big city.  Brothers John and Rob MacPhee, their neighbor Colin Buchanan and high school friend David Macdonald grew up in a tiny town of just 150 people.

They practiced their respective instruments throughout high school and officially formed in 2004. Since then, they’ve been recording and playing crowds larger than the city they grew up in. The band  churned their memories into music on their latest record “My Friends” and the entire album carries this nostalgia, reminiscing on the purity of their past.

Paper Lions have been touring for nearly ten years, still their music doesn’t feel jagged. They possess a raw hunger that comes when you know life is bigger than just what surrounds you.

We spoke to front-man John MacPhee and learned about the challenges of working with family, his most joyous moments as an artist and how he’s adopted living with presence.


“Be creating for the sake of creating”

-John MacPhee