Trina on female entrepreneurship, music and success

There’s something remarkable about a woman who is not intimidated by other women. It really shouldn’t be a rarity, to see such a woman, but it is – especially in hip-hop. Even though, there are now more females in the game than ever before, it’s a far cry from sisterhood. Maybe, it’s a by-product of the patriarchy in society, pitting women-against-women instead of alongside each other. Or, maybe it’s just natural insecurity, to see a woman who may rhyme tighter or dress better as competition, rather than inspiration. Whatever it is, it needs to stop.

It seems like these days, rappers carry egos larger than their entourages. The fightin’ words have skipped over lyrics and jumped on to twitter. Certain rappers are known more for their arguments than their singles.

And then there’s Trina.

Trina has consistently collaborated with other women, since she debuted as a slick talking, strong woman on Trick Daddy’s “Nann Nigga” in 98′. Since then, she’s worked notably with Missy Elliot and Nicki Minaj, while holding down friendships with other women in music. Jump on to her Instagram and you’ll find positive quotes about coming together, alongside pictures of her with women in her industry.

We thought that Trina would be the perfect person to talk to, about female entrepreneurship and how crucial collaboration is to success.

Be true, be determined, go hard, just don’t give up.


  • Trevor V.

    Daaamn Trina is thick as hell.. salute