It must be unnerving to play shows as a DJ. There’s a vulnerability in performing in front of a large crowd without an instrument, a big voice, or backup dancers to help deflect any mistakes in your own performance. All a DJ really has (other than a macbook) is an idea of what will move the crowd, and hopefully, an enthusiasm for the kind of music that they’re playing.

TOKiMONSTA’s show was probably the first we’ve seen where the DJ was moving harder than the crowd. Then again, TOKiMONSTA isn’t your average DJ. The LA native has been making beats that are infused with the kind of pep you seem to naturally possess when born in California; the general laid back feel of her sound is very West Coast but avoids any of the kitschy beach sound that has been popular as of late.

Her performance was in support of Desiderium, her latest album, which has generated constant online buzz, with fans flocking to her SoundCloud to hear snippets of tracks and her popular remixes of songs (her remix of 2 on, is better than the original.) Her energy was palpable on stage, something for the crowd to feed off of and if Desiderium is any indication, she’s carved a niche for herself as one of the hottest beat makers right now.