Tech N9ne brings the strange to the stage

It’s impossible to define Tech N9ne.

He’s rebelled against every label ever placed on him and revels in his own strangeness. Tech is well known for his lyricism, his flow, and for never shying away from uncomfortable subject matter. He’s dynamic, switching up genres almost as fast as his rhymes. His willingness to experiment and refusal to box himself into any one genre led to the creation of Strange Music and he has hasn’t looked back since.    If there’s one label we could give him, it would be: Performer. As soon as the lights beamed on his (painted white) face, he looked entranced as he spit out his first few bars.   The video drops tomorrow, check out a few pics from his Strangulation show in the meantime. TheScreenGirls_TechN9ne1 TheScreenGirls_TechN9ne2 TheScreenGirls_TechN9ne3TheScreenGirls_TechN9ne4 TheScreenGirls_TechN9ne5