Episode 26


00:00- 00:20 Jigsaw Falling Into Place by Radiohead (Snippet)

00:21-3:44 Crew Love by Drake ft. The Weeknd

4:15-5:15 We went to FVDED in the Park and had a great time. We talk about how much the festival has evolved since partnering with Blueprint.

5:15-6:30 We talk about Tyler The Creator’s hilarious set

6:31-7:55 We also caught The Weeknd’s set and the Michael Jackson comparisons are uncanny.

7:56-12:21 Girls born in the ‘90s by The Weeknd

12:22-17:58 100 by The Game ft. Drake

17:59-21:30 Soul Food by Jaiden, K.Forest and Ashton

21:44-26:33 In For It by Tory Lanez

26:34-30:13 I Don’t Sell Molly No More by IloveMakonnen

33:26-50:00 We visited the POPART exhibit at the New Media Gallery and took in some really interesting installations. Their next exhibit 5600k opens on August 14th and features artists working with white light.

50:12-50:20 God Blessed The Dead by Flatbush Zombies (snippet)

50:21-53:35 Feel It All by Hoodie Allen


Episode 20


00:00-1:34 Can I Kick It? By Tribe Called Quest (snippet)

1:40-6:50 LSD by A$AP Rocky

6:51-10:35 Might Not by Belly ft. The Weeknd

10:40-13:42 We discuss the career of Savvy The Amusing

13:42-19:30 We speak with Savvy about the popularity of his account

19:31-23:16 New Religion by Jazz Cartier

23:17-27:20 My Side by Drake

27:50-32:11 We give our take on the new music videos that cropped up this week from A$AP Rocky, Nicki Minaj & Beyonce, and Taylor Swift.

32:10-Shoutouts to: Cliff Wise, Justjeff45, Meetha, Haery Potter, Archivest, TJ and the OE podcast and Nate

32:33-35:47 Worn by Spooky Black

36:16-38:04 Bria’s Interlude by Drake ft. Omarion

38:07-42:10 Nothing In This World by Keke Wyatt ft. Avant

Episode 14



00:00-1:35 Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order

1:35-8:28 Glass Table Girls by The Weeknd

8:56-10:44 We talk about all of the new Emoji’s in the Apple iOS update and the general reaction to the new, diverse emojis.

10:45-12:06 Pharrell was seen wearing the Apple watch, complete with a Mickey Mouse interface and we liked the way he wore it

12:13-15:35 M’s by A$AP Rocky

15:36-19:36 Leave You 4 Myself by Ilovemakonnen

20:00- 25:35 We discuss the relationship between technology and artists, citing the FKA Twigs Google Glass ad, and Kendrick Lamar and Reebok and the controversy over his latest ad.

25:36-27:33 -We compare Kendrick’s film to Prada’s The Postman directed by Autumn De Wilde and talk about how we feel Kendrick’s film has been slammed unfairly.

27:35-31:35 White Tiger by Hippie Sabotage

31:36-36:24 Open Up by Gallant

36:25-40:28 Bassically by Tei Shi

40:38-43:53 We discuss privacy and social media and reference M.I.A.’s thoughts on the matter.

44:26-47:51- Westcoast by Lana Del Rey (Stint Remix)






Tory Lanez turns the stage Swavey


Swavey: to have an impressive swagger, a sort of “joie de vivre” for the streetwear set. The term was coined by rapper Tory Lanez as an improvement on the nearly dated term “swag”. His fan base has adopted the word in allegiance to their Swavey leader. As Tory’s created his artistic persona, he’s given himself a couple different monikers. Born Daystar Peterson, in Toronto, he christened himself Tory taken from Notorious BIG, someone Tory had idolized as a youth. He’s also given himself the name Argentina Fargo, who he channels as his Tony Montana alter-ego in songs with hard bass like Diego.

He’s created a world unto himself; his rhymes reflect the several phases of migrancy he’s been through. His shuffling through different provinces in Canada and moving state to state in America, with a brief bout of homelessness as a teenager, has given his music a worldly sort of ambiguity. When initially hearing his harder stuff, you would be excused for finding it a touch hilarious to hear the paradigm of him as Argentina Fargo, the new Tony Montana, running  the international drug trade and being monitored by the feds. Yes, it’s ridiculous but it’s so much fun.

Tory’s music is catchy – it’s the type of music you want to listen to at full volume and try to out-sing the speakers to. It’s the type of music that can release some of the stresses of a day without needing too much from you, he’s perfected a mix of club banger and bedroom bangers with the release of Lost Cause his latest mixtape. He’s certainly established himself as a rapper this year, but when watching him perform live and unaided by studio sorcery, his wide vocal range was surprising and impressive. His singing capabilities are of that of an early Usher quality, not that there is a need for comparisons.

Toronto has become a foreground for the sound of this era, with the sing/rap style seeming like the City’s signature, championed by Drake and flourished by the Weeknd and Partynextdoor. Tory Lanez adds to that sound, his style a subtle nod to it, but not barricaded in by having a Toronto specific sound. His music is truly an amalgamation of the places he’s lived, there’s some Houston influence and Swavey could be a synonym for the sex appeal of Miami. After years of migrancy, it seems Tory has found his roots, in his music.

Tory Lanez puts on a show at The Alexander in Vancouver
TheScreenGirls_ToryLanez3TheScreenGirls_ToryLanez4Tory Lanez points the mic at the crowd while performing at The Alexander in Vancouver
The crowd embraces Tory Lanez while he performs at The Alexander in Vancouver