Episode 29


00:00- 3:23 Turn Your Lights Down Low by Bob Marley and The Wailers

3:24-7:43 Reckoner by Radiohead

8:30-13:45 We discuss the Squamish Valley Music Festival and how inclement weather can affect the experience.

13:46-14:23 Shoutouts to Jazz Cartier

14:24 Shoutouts to Savvy The Amusing, who’s featured us in some of his skits.

15:15-19:25 Trippin’ by Zion I

19:26-23:20 Innocence by Roy Wood$

23:21-26:54 Rich $ex by Future

27:15-38:31 We speak with Zion I about his new album The Rapture: Live From Oaklandia

38:32-41:10 Rich by P.Reign

41:28-43:21 Ifyouhaveazuneihateyou by Bones ft. Spooky Black

43:42-48:40 We talk about the saturation of music festivals and whether we’re at peak festival capacity in 2015.

48:59-52:53 To This Music I’m Committed by Hugo Kafumbi

Episode 27


00:00-3:45 Mo Money Mo Problems by Notorious BIG ft. Puff Daddy and Ma$e

3:45-8:33 Mind Playing Tricks On Me by Geto Boyz

8:34-12:22 Late Night Rides by Clairmont The Second

12:23-16:56 Arizona by Kings Of Leon

17:00 Shoutout Harry Potter & Haery Potter

18:50-22:45 We talk about how we’ve been guests on Savvy The Amusing’s Instagram, Thank you Savvy!

22:50-23:17 We talk about seeing Tyler The Creator perform at Fvded in the Park.

23:22-26:12 Analog by Tyler The Creator ft. Hodgy Beats

26:13-31:00 Honda Civic by Tory Lanez

31:02-34:26 I Come Apart by A$AP Rocky ft. Florence Welch

34:28-37:27 Pike Street Freestyle by Warm Gun

27:29-41:22 Drama by Roy Woods ft. Drake

41:23-45:15 Kehlani’s Freestyle by Partynextdoor

45:31-46:05 We discuss the career of Kehlani

46:08 We’ve gotten really into Snapchat recently, give us a follow at thescreengirls :)

Episode 20


00:00-1:34 Can I Kick It? By Tribe Called Quest (snippet)

1:40-6:50 LSD by A$AP Rocky

6:51-10:35 Might Not by Belly ft. The Weeknd

10:40-13:42 We discuss the career of Savvy The Amusing

13:42-19:30 We speak with Savvy about the popularity of his account

19:31-23:16 New Religion by Jazz Cartier

23:17-27:20 My Side by Drake

27:50-32:11 We give our take on the new music videos that cropped up this week from A$AP Rocky, Nicki Minaj & Beyonce, and Taylor Swift.

32:10-Shoutouts to: Cliff Wise, Justjeff45, Meetha, Haery Potter, Archivest, TJ and the OE podcast and Nate

32:33-35:47 Worn by Spooky Black

36:16-38:04 Bria’s Interlude by Drake ft. Omarion

38:07-42:10 Nothing In This World by Keke Wyatt ft. Avant