Episode 29


00:00- 3:23 Turn Your Lights Down Low by Bob Marley and The Wailers

3:24-7:43 Reckoner by Radiohead

8:30-13:45 We discuss the Squamish Valley Music Festival and how inclement weather can affect the experience.

13:46-14:23 Shoutouts to Jazz Cartier

14:24 Shoutouts to Savvy The Amusing, who’s featured us in some of his skits.

15:15-19:25 Trippin’ by Zion I

19:26-23:20 Innocence by Roy Wood$

23:21-26:54 Rich $ex by Future

27:15-38:31 We speak with Zion I about his new album The Rapture: Live From Oaklandia

38:32-41:10 Rich by P.Reign

41:28-43:21 Ifyouhaveazuneihateyou by Bones ft. Spooky Black

43:42-48:40 We talk about the saturation of music festivals and whether we’re at peak festival capacity in 2015.

48:59-52:53 To This Music I’m Committed by Hugo Kafumbi

Episode 13


00:00- 1:36 Midnight City by M83 (snippet)

1:36-5:25 To The World by Kanye West ft. R Kelly

5:50-13:55 We discuss Jay Z’s Tidal announcement and share some of the internet reaction and our thoughts about why the service is out of touch with it’s audience.

13:56-14:31 Ilovemakonnen released Drink More Water 5 and we talk briefly about our initial impression of the mixtape

14:32- 17:50 No Ma’am by Ilovemakonnen ft. Rome Fortune

17:51-20:50 Vamp by Father ft. Tommy Genesis

20:51-27:04 Stay Ready (What A Life) by Jhene Aiko ft. Kendrick Lamar

27:53-28:18 We discuss the career of Tommy Genesis

28:21-32:o2 Bother by Les Sins

32:03-36:00 Realest In The City by P.Reign ft. Partynextdoor and Meek Mill

36:02-39:59 Love Hip Hop by Tyger Vinum

40:15-41:45 We found a really funny tumblr called The Gluten Free Museum which removes the gluten from famous artworks. We talk about our cultural attitude to dietary restrictions.

41:56-45:20 You Make Me by Diplo

45:21-49:42 Perfect Form by Cyril Hahn ft. Shy Girls

50:33-52:00 Little Bit by Drake ft. Lykke Li (snippet)