Episode 11


00:00-3:21 Feel the Heat by Groundislava ft. Rare Times

3:49-5:28 We discuss Lisa Tant‘s spring trends preview at Holt Renfrew

5:28 Aquazzura was mentioned by Lisa as one of her favorite brands for Spring, a sentiment echoed by many insiders in the industry. You can check out our interview with creative director Edgardo Osorio of Aquazzura here

5:45 We talked about the career of Sophie Hulme, who sold her graduation collection to Selfridges

6:08 We discuss our Smoke Dza photo series, you can find that here. He performed with Nacho Picasso, who we interviewed.

6:25-9:47  Say Less by R.F.C.

9:48-19:45 Mortal Man by Kendrick Lamar

20:00-23:41 We discuss our reaction to Kendrick Lamar’s surprise release of To Pimp a Butterfly 

23:41- 26:48 East Liberty by Partynextdoor

26:49-29:19 Lust for Life by Drake

29:36-33:28 We discuss Tali Lennox‘s recent art show and the common theme of social media in art

33:29-34:00 We tried out Azealia Banks’s Wallace video and talk about the concept

34:00-38:40 Wallace by Azealia Banks

38:41-41:55 Thru My Veins by 100s

43:11-49:17 01/05 by Devontee

Episode 10


00:00-00:45 Beach Is Better by Jay Z

00:49-4:37 Blessed by Schoolboy Q ft. Kendrick Lamar

4:38-8:55 Nightbird by Deep Forest

9:18-10:50 We talked about missing the Father show (again) and being conscious of how much you share on the internet.

10:50-12:00We discuss the career of Nacho Picasso and play a clip from his interview

12:00-15:29 Money by Nacho Picasso ft. BSBD

15:30-20:20 Can’t Stop by Theophilus London ft. Kanye West

20:21-23:37  Violet by Daniel Caesar

23:54-26:18  We talk about Zoolander’s appearance at Fashion Week

26:19-29:42 We talk about the cover art for Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly and speculate about the sound of the album

29:43-34:36 Blacker the Berry by Kendrick Lamar

34:37-37:46 Ballin’ by Partynextdoor

38:05-44:00 We discuss the Apple Watch as a luxury item

44:04-48:18 Lay It Down by The Wayo

49:19-51:50 Glamaratti by Darling Bonnie (snippet)








Nacho Picasso

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Nacho Picasso is one of the most uncompromising artists that we’ve ever come across. He’s built a career on saying what others are too afraid to say. His sharp tongue is matched by a sharp wit that somehow makes it all okay. Nacho pokes fun at himself as much as others. He mocks society in a sense, our adoration with shiny things, our pacifism in our daily lives – it’s all fair game for Nacho.

His latest project Stoned and Dethroned is an homage to the things which have been plaguing his mind for the last two years. It’s an joint effort with frequent collaborators Blue Sky Black Death and the project is rife with ingenious samples (Deep Forest) laced with his dark rhymes. We caught his performance in Vancouver and his stage show is just as frenetic as he is.

Jumping from side to side of the stage, he was enthused about being able to perform in the country (after a run in with the border guards) and spent very little time on stage talking, preferring to launch right into his set. Perhaps the most ironic thing about Nacho Picasso is the fact that people love him despite that not being the reaction he’s going for. It was evident as the crowd chanted along to song after song, that Nacho is probably the best bad boy around.

Check out our video interview with Nacho here

Nacho Picasso on Stoned and Dethroned

Independent music has always been a grey area in music. A kind of limbo, where artists hope to not have to dwell for long before being snatched up by one of the big five record labels. There are many hardships for an independent artist; there’s no big promotion budget or built in studio producers, to ensure hit records. But, the independent artist has the most crucial element for reaching the ultimate creative nirvana: freedom.

Nacho Picasso is one of the most uninhibited artists we’ve met. He’s been shaking shit up since his debut album, Blunt Raps. His music is a reflection of his turbulent lifestyle, rapped with a sense of humility instead of grandeur. He came into the game with the intention to piss people off and hilariously has attracted so many people to him. His blend of realness is intoxicating. He’s self deprecating with a dry sense of humour, a personality that comes across as soon as you hear the first few bars.

Not having any of the inhibitors that can plague the creativity of an artist removes most of the compromises that have to be made to please a team of executives. There are so many artists releasing music through their own channels and the internet makes it possible for independent artists to be massively successful.

This is the case with Nacho, who shot straight to number one on bandcamp the day that Stoned and Dethroned, his fourth collaboration with producers Black Sky Blue Death was released. His fans are constantly in an uproar about including him on “best of” rap lists and on the map in terms of leaders of the new school. But, Nacho stands seemingly unbothered about all of it.

Perhaps it’s the Seattle in him, the inherently, not too bothered, stance that many people in the Pacific Northwest display. Or it’s the fact that at such a young age, Nacho has already achieved what some spend their entire lives wishing for. He’s turned his stormy youth around completely and is now an inspiration to many. Nacho’s only intent in rapping was to make music that he and his friends could relate to, the rest of the world is just a bonus.

We spoke with Nacho the day Stoned and Dethroned dropped, and asked him about his process, and working with producers Blue Sky Black Death and Harry Fraud.