Episode 35: Exploring Osheaga, Canada’s coolest festival


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00:30-5:01 Talk Show Host by Radiohead

05:40 We were at music festivals most of the weekends in July. We started with FVDED in the Park, followed up with Pemberton Music Festival to see Kehlani, and at the end of the month, flew to Montreal for Osheaga Music and Arts Festival.

7:00-8:50 We discuss our thoughts on the location of  Osheaga, which takes place at Parc Jean Drapeau in Montreal, an island with views of the city centre of Montreal.

9:00-13:14 Brands have become such a huge part of the festival experience and at times it feels like you’re being accosted by marketers as you find your way between stages. We discuss the balance between art, commerce and music at Osheaga, and how brands like Virgin Mobile and Schick Hydro have found a way to make their marketing appealing to concert goers.

13:15-15:29 Osheaga makes art an integral part of the festival experience, and we discuss the various installations that we took in while at the festival.

16:56-20:11 Opera by Jazz Cartier

20:12-24:00 Girls, Women, Ladies by Clairmont the Second. Clairmont released Quest for Milk and Honey and it’s so powerful and timely and good.

24:09-28:24 Cawna Pt. 2 by Staasia Daniels. We pronounced Staasia incorrectly, it’s phonetically pronounced as Stay-Sia. She also just released a project titled Hidden Gems, a very smooth and sexy R&B effort.

30:03-35:10 We give our highlights from Day 1 of Osheaga, which included seeing The Underachievers, Flume and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

35:10-42:00 We recap Day 2 of the festival, and how familiarity kicks in, as you start to understand the layout of the land. We took in Kaytranada‘s set, as well as Best Coast and encountered our first scheduling conundrum between seeing Lana Del Rey and Future. We ended up seeing Lana Del Rey’s set and the Osheaga stage was a perfect fit for her, with fireworks going off during her dreamy performance.

43:15-51:12 Day 3 of Osheaga was definitely the hottest day of the festival. We were there midday for Skepta’s performance and then things cooled down for Grimes set. We were excited to see Disclosure but their set was cancelled due to travel and Radiohead took the stage early and enchanting fifty thousand people for over two hours.

52:21-55:50 Be Somebody by Clams Casino ft Asap Rocky and Lil B

56:10 A reminder that we’ve switched up our format to an extended once a month show. Our next show is scheduled for September 21st.

56:40 Duckwrth is gearing up to release his new project I’m Uugly and he released his new song Get Uugly and we love the video for it. It’s directed by Mancy Gant, and features Channel 3 doing the “Uugly dance” with Duckwrth. He’ll be in Vancouver on September 4th, as part of Anderson Paak and the “Free Nationals” tour.

58:28 We’ve been working super hard on our new wellness line Vellum Wellness. Sign up at vellumwellness.com to be the first to receive news and product samples.




Episode 29


00:00- 3:23 Turn Your Lights Down Low by Bob Marley and The Wailers

3:24-7:43 Reckoner by Radiohead

8:30-13:45 We discuss the Squamish Valley Music Festival and how inclement weather can affect the experience.

13:46-14:23 Shoutouts to Jazz Cartier

14:24 Shoutouts to Savvy The Amusing, who’s featured us in some of his skits.

15:15-19:25 Trippin’ by Zion I

19:26-23:20 Innocence by Roy Wood$

23:21-26:54 Rich $ex by Future

27:15-38:31 We speak with Zion I about his new album The Rapture: Live From Oaklandia

38:32-41:10 Rich by P.Reign

41:28-43:21 Ifyouhaveazuneihateyou by Bones ft. Spooky Black

43:42-48:40 We talk about the saturation of music festivals and whether we’re at peak festival capacity in 2015.

48:59-52:53 To This Music I’m Committed by Hugo Kafumbi

Episode 28



00:00-4:11 Rock The Boat by Aaliyah

4:12-9:43 Do My Dance by Chance The Rapper and Lil B

9:44-12:04 Vibrations by Alex Wiley

12:30-13:50 We talk about the surprise release of the Based Freestyles by Lil B and Chance the rapper, and their unlikely collaboration.

14:05-16:30 We discuss the career of Kehlani and her recent Fader cover

16:31 We’re Vloggers now!! Check out our very first vlog.

17:44-20:25 Follow Me by Relic

20:26-32:39 We interview Relic aka Rel Mccoy, an Toronto emcee who just dropped The 13th Floor.

32:41-35:47 Opera by Kid Kain

36:03-39:00 Dead or Alive by Jazz Cartier

39:01-40:39 Pharaoh’s by Moody Green







Episode 22


00:00-4:33 Clockwise Witness by Devotchka

4:32-8:41 Ain’t Got No/I’ve Got Life by Nina Simone

8:43-13:21 Drop It Like It’s Hot by Vancity Beats

13:53-16:40 We talk about the end of Mercury Retrograde and share our experiences.

16:42-20:43 Through The Fire by Tasha the Amazon

20:44-24:14 Fine Whine by A$AP Rocky ft. M.I.A. and Future

24:50-29:27 We talk about the Hollywood Reporter’s article on Prims and Skins in Hollywood and whether it’s sexist.

29:30-31:26 Dronies are on the rise, we talk about whether they could replace selfies.

31:27-34:08 Like, Crazy by Jazz Cartier

34:45-38:50 We explore artist Emily Spivack’s online archive How To Dress Like and find out How to Dress Like A Stripper in the Daytime, How to Dress Your Stuffed Animal for Special Occasions and How to Dress A Deer.

38:51-42:22 What’s Up? by Post Malone ft. 1st


Episode 19


00:00-3:50 We Need A Resolution by Aaliyah ft. Timbaland

3:51-7:48 Ghetto Symphony by. A$AP Rocky ft. Gunplay and A$AP Ferg

8:15-10:25 We discuss the career of Gladys Tamez

11:02-13:56 Please Stop Making Fake Versace by Father

13:57-17:40 Lake by Derek Wise

18:02-22:04 We talk about the popularity of Snapchat and how the fashion community has embraced the app.

22:05-26:28 A$AP Rocky collaborated with artist Tan Camera for an “installation” on his Instagram that annoyed some of his users. We navigate through social media etiquette to see if it was inappropriate.

26:29-28:35 Simone Oliver is the online fashion editor at The New York Times and she spoke with us about how the NYT makes decisions about which social media to take part in.

28:40-32:05 Push, Pull by Purity Ring

32:05-35:45 Begin Again by Purity Ring

36:00-38:52 Before I Grow Up by Moody Levert

39:02-40:26 Walter Van Beirendonck is collaborating with Ikea, we talk about his contribution to fashion and quirky design aesthetic.

40:26-42:10 Christina shares a story about working as a backstage dresser at a Beirendonck’s show

42:48- 47:54 Always Up To Something by Jazz Cartier