Exploring existential Vertigo with sculptor Paige Bradley

Figurative sculpture is one of the purest forms of art. Through bronze casted profiles, viewers glean so much about the human form. Each curve, line and expression is meticulously laboured over by sculptors. It’s indeed a laborious process, a physical release for the artist, as much as an emotional one. Sculpture is very closely associated with the public notion of art as it’s a form that has been around since the beginning of human enlightenment. Art is ever-evolving and sculpture has respectfully transcended the foundations built by Michelangelo and Rodin.

Contemporary sculpture is fluid; it’s expressive, acknowledging and embracing imperfection. One of the most well recognized contemporary sculptures of our time is Expansion by California born, London based artist Paige Bradley.


(Pagie Bradley)

(Pagie Bradley)

This image has resonated with many people as a symbol of feminine strength. Juxtaposed against the faint outline of the Brooklyn Bridge, it serves as a bit of peace, inside the concrete jungle.

Paige is a well rounded artist – she is a sculptor, illustrator and writer. She has given life to a number of striking pieces; her bronze  Surrender Containment was recently auctioned at Christies for over estimate. Each buyer leaves with a piece of Paige, as her spirit is so intertwined in her work.

For Paige, these sculptures are a loose figment of her current reality. She creates only from what she knows.

We visited Paige in her East London studio, and she shared with us her thoughts on making it as an artist, her piece Vertigo and the themes of mortality in her work.


“If I plan to fall back then I’m going to fall back, if I don’t plan to fall back and it’s not an option then I don’t need a fall back plan.”

– Paige Bradley