Episode 38: Rappers in Fashion


Tune in to Part 1 of Episode 38: 

1:00-4:45 Good Drank by 2 Chainz ft. Quavo and Gucci Mane

04:53-08:55  Sneakin’ by Drake ft. 21 Savage

08:45-12:00 Fade by Kanye West ft. Post Malone

13:55-18:25 We caught Post Malone’s show, sponsored by Red Bull and we discuss how tours differ, when they’re sponsored by brands.

18:25-21:42 Majid Jordan has a predominantly female fanbase, and they were out in full force at their Vancouver stop. We review their show and try to decipher what makes them feel like boybands in the ’90s.

21:43  Make it Work by Majid Jordan

Tune in to Part 2 of Episode 38: 

00:00-02:55  Strive by A$AP Ferg ft. Missy Elliott

03:20-9:30 A$AP Ferg is one of the more popular members of the A$AP Mob, and his latest album “Always Strive and Prosper” was a nod to the group that was founded by deceased leader A$AP Yams. We attended Ferg’s concert a few days after the mob released Cozy Tapes: Vol. 1 Friends, and his show was definitely a high octane party.

9:35-14:55  A$AP Rocky is definitely a fashion rapper, who’s been embraced by high fashion, and who reciprocates by dropping brand after brand into his raps. We delve into the history of high fashion and rap, and the artists who paved the way for Rocky and the like. We also discuss whether this is a fad, or here to stay.

14:55-17:50 Bachelor by A$AP Rocky ft. MadeinTYO, Lil Yachty and Offset

17:51-21:02  Art Hoe by Tommy Genesis

21:00-We discuss Tommy Genesis’s appeal as a fashion rapper. She’s just come off of a Calvin Klein campaign, as well as appearing in Teen Vogue and in Carine Roitfield’s fashion book.

23:00 Our next show is on December 14th and it’s all about the holidays. We hope you tune in live from 11:00 PM-12:00 AM

23:55-28:55 A declaration by Clairmont the Second

Episode 27


00:00-3:45 Mo Money Mo Problems by Notorious BIG ft. Puff Daddy and Ma$e

3:45-8:33 Mind Playing Tricks On Me by Geto Boyz

8:34-12:22 Late Night Rides by Clairmont The Second

12:23-16:56 Arizona by Kings Of Leon

17:00 Shoutout Harry Potter & Haery Potter

18:50-22:45 We talk about how we’ve been guests on Savvy The Amusing’s Instagram, Thank you Savvy!

22:50-23:17 We talk about seeing Tyler The Creator perform at Fvded in the Park.

23:22-26:12 Analog by Tyler The Creator ft. Hodgy Beats

26:13-31:00 Honda Civic by Tory Lanez

31:02-34:26 I Come Apart by A$AP Rocky ft. Florence Welch

34:28-37:27 Pike Street Freestyle by Warm Gun

27:29-41:22 Drama by Roy Woods ft. Drake

41:23-45:15 Kehlani’s Freestyle by Partynextdoor

45:31-46:05 We discuss the career of Kehlani

46:08 We’ve gotten really into Snapchat recently, give us a follow at thescreengirls :)

Episode 22


00:00-4:33 Clockwise Witness by Devotchka

4:32-8:41 Ain’t Got No/I’ve Got Life by Nina Simone

8:43-13:21 Drop It Like It’s Hot by Vancity Beats

13:53-16:40 We talk about the end of Mercury Retrograde and share our experiences.

16:42-20:43 Through The Fire by Tasha the Amazon

20:44-24:14 Fine Whine by A$AP Rocky ft. M.I.A. and Future

24:50-29:27 We talk about the Hollywood Reporter’s article on Prims and Skins in Hollywood and whether it’s sexist.

29:30-31:26 Dronies are on the rise, we talk about whether they could replace selfies.

31:27-34:08 Like, Crazy by Jazz Cartier

34:45-38:50 We explore artist Emily Spivack’s online archive How To Dress Like and find out How to Dress Like A Stripper in the Daytime, How to Dress Your Stuffed Animal for Special Occasions and How to Dress A Deer.

38:51-42:22 What’s Up? by Post Malone ft. 1st


Episode 20


00:00-1:34 Can I Kick It? By Tribe Called Quest (snippet)

1:40-6:50 LSD by A$AP Rocky

6:51-10:35 Might Not by Belly ft. The Weeknd

10:40-13:42 We discuss the career of Savvy The Amusing

13:42-19:30 We speak with Savvy about the popularity of his account

19:31-23:16 New Religion by Jazz Cartier

23:17-27:20 My Side by Drake

27:50-32:11 We give our take on the new music videos that cropped up this week from A$AP Rocky, Nicki Minaj & Beyonce, and Taylor Swift.

32:10-Shoutouts to: Cliff Wise, Justjeff45, Meetha, Haery Potter, Archivest, TJ and the OE podcast and Nate

32:33-35:47 Worn by Spooky Black

36:16-38:04 Bria’s Interlude by Drake ft. Omarion

38:07-42:10 Nothing In This World by Keke Wyatt ft. Avant

Episode 19


00:00-3:50 We Need A Resolution by Aaliyah ft. Timbaland

3:51-7:48 Ghetto Symphony by. A$AP Rocky ft. Gunplay and A$AP Ferg

8:15-10:25 We discuss the career of Gladys Tamez

11:02-13:56 Please Stop Making Fake Versace by Father

13:57-17:40 Lake by Derek Wise

18:02-22:04 We talk about the popularity of Snapchat and how the fashion community has embraced the app.

22:05-26:28 A$AP Rocky collaborated with artist Tan Camera for an “installation” on his Instagram that annoyed some of his users. We navigate through social media etiquette to see if it was inappropriate.

26:29-28:35 Simone Oliver is the online fashion editor at The New York Times and she spoke with us about how the NYT makes decisions about which social media to take part in.

28:40-32:05 Push, Pull by Purity Ring

32:05-35:45 Begin Again by Purity Ring

36:00-38:52 Before I Grow Up by Moody Levert

39:02-40:26 Walter Van Beirendonck is collaborating with Ikea, we talk about his contribution to fashion and quirky design aesthetic.

40:26-42:10 Christina shares a story about working as a backstage dresser at a Beirendonck’s show

42:48- 47:54 Always Up To Something by Jazz Cartier