Swizzymack on Mad Decent and Philly Club

This is the year of Swizzymack.

He’s willfully bent the internet in his direction, from his social media pages to his Soundcloud which racks up hundreds of thousands of plays and likes as soon as he shares a mix. It was actually this platform, which lead Diplo to his direction in 2010 after he came across the then fifteen year old’s page. A chance meeting at Urban Outfitters between the two solidified their bond, and they’ve been collaborating under the Mad Decent label since.

Swizzymack is no stranger to connecting with people over the internet. He provided the soundtrack to Rick Owens SS 15 show in Paris, after being emailed by the designer, who’s a fan of his music. Not bad for a kid from Philly who likes to eat pizza, smoke weed and rub booty – not necessarily in that order. The opportunity to score a soundtrack for a major fashion house, while a blessing, could also have been a very daunting task for the young producer. Swizzy (as we like to call him) has a fearless attitude that can only come when you’re truly unafraid of failure.

Today, Swizzymack’s sound is a fresh look on Philly club music. Before Swizzymack (and a few other DJ’s), Philly club was not a genre that was picking up outside of the respective city limits of Philadelphia. It shared similarities to Baltimore Club, in it’s high BPM range which necessitates a fast danceability, and lacked it’s own identifiable sound. Through his involvement in Philly Club, Swizzymack has attracted millions of people to the sound. He’s moved quickly from prince to Philly Club King. He’s quick to take a popular song of the moment (like Drake’s How Bout Now) and spin it on it’s head, speeding them up and altering them until they bump harder than before. He makes his own music as well, experimenting with isolating sounds, which plays seamlessly next to his remixes. He’s keen to not be labeled as just a Philly Club DJ or even just a DJ for that matter.

For Swizzy, who was born and raised as Jordan Safford in the city, the work that he has done for Philly by spreading this genre around the world is far from over. He’s a key part of the music scene in the city and supports other talent from graffiti artists, to fashion designers and beyond. During our time with him, he was eager to share the cool shit going on in the city from the head to toe Babylon Cartel he was wearing, to the best new stuff coming out of the City (Lil Uzi Vert) For good reason, as he’s an influencer, the possibilities for him are endless and he knows it.

We caught his set during New Years eve, and he was a good sport as we tried to herd him through several interview spots we had set up in the venue (none of them worked). After we rang in the New Year, and got him to a quieter location, he spoke with us about scoring the SS 15 Rick Owens show in Paris, his meeting with Diplo and being a creator in Philadelphia.

Big thank you to creative agency Space+Time for putting on a great event, and for having us.

  • Alex HD

    Swizzy! It’s amazing to see yourself emerge as an artist and develop. Stoked to see the next 10 years! Rick Owens was a great move.

    Thanks man, keep the bangers comin!

  • Dylan

    Yo man hearing u talk about Philly really motivated me. Shit is fucked up out here man, you really inspire me.

  • Verna

    Screen girls you’ve done it again. Great interview