So, we threw a party


The Screen Girls threw an art and culture event


A little while ago, we decided to fuse together our love of music + art and throw a little party. We held it at a contemporary art gallery/tattoo parlour in the city and were pleased with the turnout.

The most ambitious goal of the Screen Girls is to louden, the quiet notion that art is cool. Contemporary art has moved past what we conceive as art, off of the canvas and into real life. Art is a more sensory, more participatory experience with more mediums than ever before.

Our first party marked the beginning of what we envision as a monthly fusion of music and art.  Art is a cyclical process, a constant conversation between the idea, the artist and viewer.

Collaboration illuminates the best ideas, and we hope that you can join us at one of our events.

We’re working on our next party and will be releasing more information on the site soon.

Thank you to everyone who has supported The Screen Girls thus far. We’ve received an overwhelming response from all over the world and it’s a true testament to the universal language of art.

We’re very excited to continue to share interviews with visionaries in contemporary art from across the world; we’ve got some very interesting interviews lined up for this fall.

Lastly, and most shamelessly, if you have a moment, like us, tweet us, share us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’ll see you there.




  • Glen

    Just wanted to drop a line and say how much I enjoy reading your posts, your website inspire me very much. I look from Romania.