Episode 22


00:00-4:33 Clockwise Witness by Devotchka

4:32-8:41 Ain’t Got No/I’ve Got Life by Nina Simone

8:43-13:21 Drop It Like It’s Hot by Vancity Beats

13:53-16:40 We talk about the end of Mercury Retrograde and share our experiences.

16:42-20:43 Through The Fire by Tasha the Amazon

20:44-24:14 Fine Whine by A$AP Rocky ft. M.I.A. and Future

24:50-29:27 We talk about the Hollywood Reporter’s article on Prims and Skins in Hollywood and whether it’s sexist.

29:30-31:26 Dronies are on the rise, we talk about whether they could replace selfies.

31:27-34:08 Like, Crazy by Jazz Cartier

34:45-38:50 We explore artist Emily Spivack’s online archive How To Dress Like and find out How to Dress Like A Stripper in the Daytime, How to Dress Your Stuffed Animal for Special Occasions and How to Dress A Deer.

38:51-42:22 What’s Up? by Post Malone ft. 1st