Screened Studios: Etsuko Ichikawa

TheScreenGirls_etsuko ichikawa TheScreenGirls_etsuko ichikawa

We’d like to invite you into the studio of Etsuko Ichikawa, our featured artist this week. Visiting an artist’s studio space is one of our favorite parts of interviewing. Seeing the way they’ve laid out their space is an insight into their process. Is it sparse and minimalistic, in a way that mimics their work? Or full of eccentricity, with photos of muses, past works, and odd objects that inspire the artist? It’s intriguing to see which works are in progress and which didn’t quite pan out as they’d hoped.

Etsuko is a Seattle based, (Tokyo born) artist whose love of the elements nurtured a unique type of art. She works with fire to create movement with molten glass around on heavy parchment paper. She’s also been working with sound and produced a haunting piece titled Echo at Satsop, which reflects on the natural and manmade tragedies which have plagued her home country of Japan.

Her studio, illuminated with natural light, was spacious with a long table running down the middle – perfect for the large pieces of paper she often works with. Etsuko was preparing smaller pieces for a showing taking place in a few weeks. Most surprising was the book of Sanskrit on her table, alongside a notebook, with neatly pencilled transcriptions of Sanskrit letters – a language she’s learning because she enjoys the movement of the characters.

We’ll share our video interview with Etsuko tomorrow, in the meantime, here’s a peek at her studio.

TheScreenGirls_Etsuko4TheScreenGirls_etsuko ichikawa



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