Screen Girls On Air: Walshy Fire

This is the summer of Major Lazer. Their song Lean On has become a global phenomenon, charting 275,000,000 views on YouTube and being played through car and club speakers across the globe. Their album Peace Is The Mission dropped last month and they’ve been busy trotting from city to city, providing some major dance moments with songs like Roll The Bass and Too Original. The group, which consists of Walshy Fire, Jillionaire and Diplo have had a slew of hit songs, (like Boom Aye) which were beloved by listeners, but nothing has touched the rarified status of Lean On.

What is it about Lean On that that resonates so well with everyone? It’s completely carefree and catchy, a beat with simplicity that gives MO’s voice a chance to entrance you from the moment she starts the first verse. The music video was filmed in India, with Major Lazer on top of a bus, totally Bollywood style. It’s this culmination of cultures that Major Lazer knows best, they’ve bridged the gap between fast paced Carribbean music and matched it with their own brand of equally high paced EDM.
We sat down with Walshy Fire to discuss the success of Lean On and the launch of the album. He told us that it definitely surpassed the groups expectations, but they’ve got big plans for the rest of the album.