Rich Homie Quan brings his Lifestyle on tour

TheScreenGirls_RichHomieQUan6Rich Homie Quan is new Atlanta. The city has long been home to those creating trends in music, long before the rest of the world caught on. ATL is infused with it’s own rhythm, running a circadian of rhythm and blues and hip hop music. From the The Dungeon Family to superstar producers like Lil Jon and Jermaine Dupri, no one makes party music like Atlanta.

Rich Homie Quan and his oft-collaborator Young Thug are part of a new wave of Atlanta performers making a mark in the industry. It’s been a little less than two years since Type of Way was released and he’s since launched his reach worldwide, with the video nearing one hundred million views on YouTube. He’s found himself in hot pursuit both by record labels, and other artists eager to have him on features. Rich Homie Quan is seemingly unbothered by all the hype, and the “will he or won’t he” surrounding his relationship with Birdman and Cash Money records. He’s concentrated his efforts on putting out a steady stream of songs, both solo and with Young Thug. He’s been a constant presence on the charts since he felt some heat from Type of Way. It’s a good way to be when the pace of what’s relevant switches up so fast.

He’s also been touring extensively, which is an excellent way to gage audience reaction to the music. We were more than ready for a rowdy audience, but the sheer pandemonium in the crowd when he started the first few lines of Lifestyle indicated that he’s played a major part in the soundtrack of many lives. It’s a momentum that he’s come by relatively quickly but that will take a solidly delivered album to sustain. For Rich Homie Quan though it’s obvious that he’s relishing each moment, as an artist, and performer. His set was much longer than we’re used too, and he took each moment in between running back and forth on stage, to thank the crowd for their support. Whether it’s due to an awareness that his life has changed immeasurably since being in prison ten years ago, or just innate Southern manners, it was duly noted.

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