Rap game RiFF RAFF

RiFF RAFF has etched himself into the rap lexicon and he’s here to stay. His Diplo-produced debut album Neon Icon will be released April 29th and artists such as A$AP Rocky, Drake and Action Bronson have been confirmed as features by the rapper, and the internet is rampant with other possible collaborations.

RiFF RAFF’s success can be halved into collaboration and social media. His look has resonated with fellow miscreants and with those who are just curious about the enigma that is RiFF RAFF. Questions about the legitimacy of his character are muted on all platforms of his social media, where you can find him constantly engaging fans and blocking doubters. He’s been a force on twitter – spawning meme like statuses proclaiming he is the rap game ____ (you can fill in the blank with anything, really).

To say that RiFF RAFF has carved himself a niche in music would be an understatement. The brevity in his music could be undermined by his loud personality, but it’s not. Instead, his persona adds another dimension to his music; you can’t hear a RiFF RAFF song without imagining him adorned in gold, with diamonds in his teeth, and all those tattoos.

The mystique of RiFF RAFF hasn’t faded, despite his being in public cognizance for so long. He’s waded through any negativity, and has stayed true to himself – and that is who you see.

We spoke with him about why he doesn’t want to collaborate with anyone this year, his first piece of jewelry and the upcoming album.


“I don’t stay focused, wait who am I again?”