Nobody nastier than Blowfly


Blowfly isn’t your average superhero. He’s brash, soulful, and unapologetic; still, passionate about his kooky niche in music. Hailed as the “Original Dirty Rapper” Blowfly has been penning hyper-sexual songs since the ’60s. He started out writing parodies to popular music, using naughty imagery that would make Weird Al Yankovic blush. Born Clarence Reid in 1939, Blowfly has lived and sang through segregation in the South, the assassination of Dr.King and the inauguration of President Obama. Still performing in his 70s, Blowfly’s lyrics are shocking, yet his songs serve as time capsules into the musical liberation of Black America, and freedom of expression through funk music. We saw Blowfly perform (and were serenaded a particularly devious ballad) and chatted with him about how music has shaped his life. We’ll be posting the video interview tomorrow.

 I’m Blowfly, who the fuck are you?

Electronic Pussy Sucker