Nacho Picasso

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Nacho Picasso is one of the most uncompromising artists that we’ve ever come across. He’s built a career on saying what others are too afraid to say. His sharp tongue is matched by a sharp wit that somehow makes it all okay. Nacho pokes fun at himself as much as others. He mocks society in a sense, our adoration with shiny things, our pacifism in our daily lives – it’s all fair game for Nacho.

His latest project Stoned and Dethroned is an homage to the things which have been plaguing his mind for the last two years. It’s an joint effort with frequent collaborators Blue Sky Black Death and the project is rife with ingenious samples (Deep Forest) laced with his dark rhymes. We caught his performance in Vancouver and his stage show is just as frenetic as he is.

Jumping from side to side of the stage, he was enthused about being able to perform in the country (after a run in with the border guards) and spent very little time on stage talking, preferring to launch right into his set. Perhaps the most ironic thing about Nacho Picasso is the fact that people love him despite that not being the reaction he’s going for. It was evident as the crowd chanted along to song after song, that Nacho is probably the best bad boy around.

Check out our video interview with Nacho here