Band of Brothers: Radkey’s punk revival

It’s an interesting dichotomy when a band is comprised of siblings. Working, living, and creating together can bring about dysfunction – just ask the Gallagher brothers. It can also create a synergetic workflow as siblings share a bond that encapsulates all quirks and can (mostly) withstand quarrels.

Radkey is a punk band from Missouri, made up of brothers Dee, Isaiah, and Solomon. The boys are close. It’s obvious in their music and in the way they connect while on stage. Although they’re still quite young – none of the boys are of legal drinking age in their country – they possess a maturity in their lyrics and stage presence.

The trio were homeschooled by their parents, and one day decided to move all their beds into one room, and use the other room to practice their instruments. Since then, they’ve been co-habiting their talents to produce some of the most refreshing rock music we’ve heard in a long time.

Their songs are magnetic; by the time you hear Dee’s voice on “Cat and Mouse” the band has already called you to move with their infectious energy. Between them, Masked Intruder and the Flatliners, it’s an exciting time for punk rock.

The band is going to be touring the UK this month, and if online comments are any indication, they’re sure to be a crossover success.

We spoke to the boys about the rough parts of touring, how they’re going to change the world and their love for Kurt Cobain.

Even if there’s like six people you have to be really confident and just do it

– Isaiah Radke