Screen Girls On Air: Relic aka Rel McCoy


The entire vibe of the Toronto hip hop scene has changed since OVO took over in ’09. Fast forward six years later, and the sing/rap style has become all too predictable. It’s important to note that there are still emcees like Ontario’s Relic that are foregoing the trendy path to success, and instead creating sound pieces of music, that remain true to vision.

Relic aka Rel Mccoy is refreshing because he’s so heavily involved in all aspects of the creation of his work from writing to production. He’s a DJ, engineer and producer who’s previously work includes most of the production on Shad’s “The Old Prince” as well as doing engineering for rap group Ghetto Concept.

He’s been working on his own music, and recently dropped The 13th Floor, which tackles the everyday woes of Relic as he navigates through life, the chaos and mayhem that follows (or that he perhaps chases). It’s not at all the glamorous portrait of Toronto that’s oft portrayed; there’s no bitches and bottles to be found in his rhymes. It’s real, but entirely relatable, feeling stripped down and without any accoutrements. It’s a man, his bars and a beat – hip hop at it’s core.

Whether or not this raw and conscious flow can crossover in this climate stands to be seen. It’s dependant on Canadian hip hop audiences and their willingness to (once again) support music with positive imagery. If so, Relic will no doubt stand with Canadian emcees like Shad and Choclair as one of the country’s hip hop wordsmiths.

We interviewed Relic on Episode 28 of Screen Girls on Air and asked him to share with us his thoughts on the Canadian music industry and more.