Lil Debbie on womanly auras and being a hater

Lil Debbie is sure of herself in an industry that isn’t even fully sure how to market her. Female rappers are pushed into hyper-sexualization or androgyny, yet Debbie has shied away from being boxed into either end of the spectrum. If anyone can walk that tightrope as female rapper, it’s Lil Debbie; she is who she is. She’s in touch with her femininity and keeps that soft edge in what she does, while also making hard club anthems just as easily as her male peers.

In the music video for Me and U she sings sweetly about a relationship, and shows a tenderness that’s not usually exhibited in her catalogue. Lil Debbie can get ratchet with the best of them, but showing this more vulnerable side conveys her growth as an artist.

The first time that we saw her, with dark lips, wearing a feather earring in the Gucci Gucci video, she stood out right away. Lil Debbie’s style is synonymous with her music. She’s adorned in tattoos, gold hoops in her ears, eyes winged to the gods and a blunt in her hand. It’s a look that’s been repeated by others countless times since she first stepped out with the White Girl Mob.

Lil Debbie is definitely an influencer. She’s knows she’s been emulated countless times, but continues to stay true to her high fashion meets hood aesthetic. The style hashtag on Tumblr is filled with posts devoted to her clothes and gold capped teeth. She’s represents the ‘be yourself’ spiritedness of The Bay area and its melting pot culture of artists. She’s not acting ratchet, she’s part of the environment she’s grown up in, a place that has domineered music and dance trends in rap music for decades.

We saw her perform after our interview, and experienced some of the craziness that is a day in the life of Lil Debbie.