Lil B: A self made prophecy

Lil B is a peculiar enigma. He’s everywhere, having garnered a massive following on multiple social media platforms, and a cult like status among those who live by Twitter and meme culture. He’s recorded thousands of songs, and hundreds of music videos. He’s an author, a motivational speaker – delivering lectures at both MIT and NYU – and he raps about eating ass.

He doesn’t reveal much about his day to day life online, despite his multiple daily postings on social media, although we suspect he has a fondness for women’s feet. The only thing we can be certain of is that Lil B’s primary goal in life is to spread love. Only it’s an odd sort of agapic love, in which he’s looked as a deity by his followers as he encourages people love themselves and to protect him.

He doesn’t shy away from addressing controversial topics, and recently became embroiled with Facebook, after the site banned him for posting a caps laden rant on his page, following the Eric Garner verdict. He responded to the ban in the form of a seven minute song titled “I can’t breathe” which further addressed the tragedy. His desire to set a positive example gives his fans a chance to step away from the sameness that has become the rap industry. Whatever your thoughts on his music, his work ethic is unmatched by artists in his domain, and the constant output of his music has lead to an omnipresence online.

His stage presence mirrors his online presence; we watched him perform to a packed house, and then stick around until the early hours of the morning, ensuring he had met and taken a photo with each, and every fan. Lil B is definitely an experience, beyond his music or online persona, and the interactions between him and his fans is so oddly charming that it needs to be seen to be believed.

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