Jacket Required S/S 2014

The Jacket Required trade show is a one-stop shop for finding next season’s trends, as well as getting the scoop on emerging menswear lines. The event was founded by Craig Ford and Mark Batista in an effort to bring together designers, buyers, and press to preview collections and promote men’s brands.

The trade show happens twice a year, and when we attended the S/S 14 show in East London, it was immediately obvious how playful men’s fashion has become in the last few years. Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen many of the trends previewed at the Jacket Required trade show on the streets. Streetwear has become more brash, with loud colours and bold logos becoming a staple in the everyday wardrobe of the fashion-literate male. Billionaire Boys Club could arguably be credited with bringing that style (which had been popular in Japan for years) to western consciousness.

Billionaire Boys Club was founded in 2005 by frequent collaborators Pharrell Williams and Nigo. In less than ten years, the two have expanded to include Ice Cream, Billionaire Boys Club Black, Beeline and most recently Billionaire Girls Club.

In this video, you’ll see looks from BBCBillionaire Boys Club Black,  Ice CreamBee Line and Human Made.

Jacket Required co-founder Craig Ford has been instrumental in bringing BBC to Europe and he plays a big part in its success. The line has resonated with the well to do man, someone seeking comfort and style – the cartoony, dreamy graphics an ode to their inner child.

Just last week, the F/W 14 Jacket Required trade show was held in Shoreditch, with over 100 brands on display, including: Pusha T’s Play ClothsMoneyMilkcrateHarry Stedman and the mysterious NYC label Descendant of Thieves. Without a doubt, men this fall will be dressed in trends emerging from the Shoreditch show.