Interview with Savvy the Amusing

The advent of social media has given entertainers new tools to showcase their talent. For comedian Savvy the Amusing, Instagram was a chance to show people his comedy and offer his interpretation of pop culture at the same time.

The Compton based performer has created his own little universe via Instagram, creating viral worthy posts that have people cracking up (and tagging their friends in the comments). He uses the app “YAKiT” to drop down the mouths of his subjects and deliver hilarious and very timely remarks about the people that are driving “water cooler” discussion today.  He voices all of his characters and posts frequently throughout the day, commenting on current events that happened in pop culture. His characters are caricatures of already over the top personalities, and the result is a hilarious mix of comedy and truth.



As with all good comedy, his work is controversial, he regularly has to deal with negative comments and being reported, but refuses to water down his act for anybody. He’s parodied some of the most influential figures in music, sports and entertainment and gathered a massive following in the process. We interviewed Savvy for Episode 20 of Screen Girls On Air and asked him about starting his account, his favourite characters to voice and his plans for expanding the Savvy brand.