FUSE: Revolution Counter Revolution

The latest FUSE party, titled “Revolution Counter Revolution” gave the city a chance to interact with both historic and contemporary Chinese art at the Vancouver Art Gallery. The event, which was curated by Paul Wong, kept the mood light as viewers walked through all floors of the gallery to see artifacts like porcelain from the Ming dynasty, and ceremonial armour worn by the emperors in the Forbidden City.

The theme of Revolution was playfully presented throughout the evening, with most FUSE goers donning masks designed by Paul, which featured various past and present world leaders. The crowd favorite of the night was the Sedan Chair (a twist on a classical mode of transportation in China) where performer Velvet Steele and her handsome cohorts charmed the audience with some wildly inappropriate humour.

The juxtaposition between ancient and contemporary art was powerful, and we’re excited for the next FUSE party (planned for January 30th). Forbidden City: Inside the Emperor’s Court runs until January 11th, and Unscrolled: Reframing Tradition in Chinese Art until April 6th.

  • Glenn

    amazing job!