Fuse: The Forbidden City

A FUSE event is always a great reason to visit the Vancouver Art Gallery. Each party is a unique event, a chance for adult audiences to grab a drink and explore all floors of the gallery, including the latest exhibit, through interesting activities and presentations.

The most recent FUSE event explored The Forbidden City: Inside the Court of China’s Emperors, curated by Paul Wong.The collection features priceless artifacts and ceremonial dress that dates back thousands of years. The awe-inspiring history in the exhibit had FUSE-goers lining up on the first floor to get a glimpse at the rich history on display.

As always during Fuse, there was an air of childlike excitement, people walking back and forth between floors, wearing masks of leaders that had been handed out by the gallery. There were not-so-private palm readings being done on giant palms and the biggest draw was the Sedan Chair, a troupe of very naughty performers, lead by Velvet Steele.

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