Episode 3


00:00-4:30 For tha love of money by Bone Thugs N Harmony ft. Eazy E

4:30- 7:56 Experience by Kacy Hill

8:20-9:25 We discuss seeing Demrick and Madchild perform, the minimalism in Demrick’s music videos.

9:25-10:32 Mercury is going into retrograde! Are you prepared?

10:44-14:07 Coke Hyena by Nacho Picasso

14:07-18:49 Hearses by Smoke DZA ft. Ab Soul

18:50-21:55 Don’t Judge by Demrick ft. Cali Cleve

22:21-23:02 We discuss the career of Smoke DZA

23:02- 24:39 We met and interviewed Nacho Picasso after his set, he dropped Stoned and Dethroned on Tuesday.

24:39-25:23 We talk about a hilarious unintentional troll.

25:24-29:13 Let’s get married by Partynextdoor

29:14 Ocean by JMSN

32:42 Shoutouts to BOSS LUC

32:46-33:06 We talk about John Orpheus

33:06-36:19 Anya Anya by John Orpheus

36:34- 37:19 We discuss the Dining Journey taking place at Secret Location.

37:20-37:40 The Void tour with RL GRIME

37:41-37:49 Fuse: Push

38:07-40:12 We discuss Sarah’s random acts of kindness

40:12-43:00 I love you so much it terrifies me by NOTY

43:33-45:39 Warm Water by Banks