Episode 28



00:00-4:11 Rock The Boat by Aaliyah

4:12-9:43 Do My Dance by Chance The Rapper and Lil B

9:44-12:04 Vibrations by Alex Wiley

12:30-13:50 We talk about the surprise release of the Based Freestyles by Lil B and Chance the rapper, and their unlikely collaboration.

14:05-16:30 We discuss the career of Kehlani and her recent Fader cover

16:31 We’re Vloggers now!! Check out our very first vlog.

17:44-20:25 Follow Me by Relic

20:26-32:39 We interview Relic aka Rel Mccoy, an Toronto emcee who just dropped The 13th Floor.

32:41-35:47 Opera by Kid Kain

36:03-39:00 Dead or Alive by Jazz Cartier

39:01-40:39 Pharaoh’s by Moody Green