Episode 16


00:00-00:25 I wanna be your Lover by Prince (snippet)

00:25-00:42  Electric Feel by MGMT (snippet)

1:00-4:36 We discuss the career of Brazabelle and the underrepresentation of women in music.

4:36-7:36 We reference the Forbes article The Rise of the Female DJ and share our opinions on women behind the turntables.

7:39-10:54 Oh My by Brazabelle ft. Wall

11:01-15:45 Momma by Kendrick Lamar

15:46-18:15 U, Me and Hennessy by Dej Loaf

18:37-21:12 The premiere of Kurt Cobain documentary the Montage of Heck was this week, we talk about the film and his influence on ’90s fashion.

21:32-23:34 We discuss another documentary that’s coming out, called Amy, based on the life of Amy Winehouse.

23:35-27:17  Pressure by Milk and Bone

27:18-30:18 Back on Earth by Mackned (Vancity Beats remix)

30:34 Shoutouts to Kennected, Boss Luc, The Archivest, Jamal Steeles and Homeboy Jules!

30:50-35:52 We discuss the Gruen transfer and the misleading layout of the shopping mall.

35:53-39:28 Believe by royceBIRTH ft. Phoenix Pagliacci