Episode 14



00:00-1:35 Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order

1:35-8:28 Glass Table Girls by The Weeknd

8:56-10:44 We talk about all of the new Emoji’s in the Apple iOS update and the general reaction to the new, diverse emojis.

10:45-12:06 Pharrell was seen wearing the Apple watch, complete with a Mickey Mouse interface and we liked the way he wore it

12:13-15:35 M’s by A$AP Rocky

15:36-19:36 Leave You 4 Myself by Ilovemakonnen

20:00- 25:35 We discuss the relationship between technology and artists, citing the FKA Twigs Google Glass ad, and Kendrick Lamar and Reebok and the controversy over his latest ad.

25:36-27:33 -We compare Kendrick’s film to Prada’s The Postman directed by Autumn De Wilde and talk about how we feel Kendrick’s film has been slammed unfairly.

27:35-31:35 White Tiger by Hippie Sabotage

31:36-36:24 Open Up by Gallant

36:25-40:28 Bassically by Tei Shi

40:38-43:53 We discuss privacy and social media and reference M.I.A.’s thoughts on the matter.

44:26-47:51- Westcoast by Lana Del Rey (Stint Remix)