Fancy footwork: Meet Edgardo Osorio of Aquazzura

The last few seasons have seen a departure from the paradigm of the “higher is better” platform heavy, over-adorned shoes that dominated all subsets of fashion for years. There’s been a shift towards simplicity, that goes beyond a penchant for the monochromatic or interest in Normcore; it’s a desire to get back to the basics.

An emphasis on classic, well made shoes rather than statement pieces is what today’s luxury customer is after, and it’s what a brand like women’s shoe line Aquazzura is offering.

The line created by Edgardo Osorio, has seen a tremendous growth in just three years. His shoes are well thought out, carefully researched and made to endure. Edgardo uses a soft, supple cashmere leather, which has been patented for Aquazzura. He focuses on clean lines and shapes, which flatter women of all ages. His design aesthetic revolves around the notion of a shoe which is sexy and sophisticated at the same time.

For Edgardo, it’s all about pleasing the women he dresses. He’s had a global upbringing, born in Colombia, with time spent in Miami, school in London and now living and working in Florence. His shoes are a reflection of the universal needs of all women: reliable shoes that look great and are bearable for more than just a dinner party.

Although only 28, Edgardo’s already had a lengthy tutelage under Italian accessory designers. He’s designed for Salvatore Ferragamo, René Caovilla and was the head of accessories for Roberto Cavalli. His own line, while very different from the aforementioned, has picked up the right cues from his previous mentors – good materials solely produced in Italy and a real sense of artisan, all signs of longevity.

We visited Edgardo at Holt Renfrew and viewed his F/W 14 collection, a mashup of classic shapes and colorful hues (crimson was our favorite). We watched him sketch for a while, and asked him to share with us how the freedom of his own line has opened him up creatively and he spoke to us about his lifelong love of shoes and why comfort is not a dirty word.