Eddie Borgo: The New Classic

To understand the cohesion in a collection, you have to look at its inspiration. Each season, creative directors churn out collections with mixed inspirations from the most obscure and unlikely of sources. It’s fascinating to see how designers, season after season, mesh their various inspirations to create a line of garments and accessories that somehow still feels new. To borrow from a cliche – fashion, like history, tends to repeat itself. The importance of fashion lays in its role as an archivist for culture, and the mindset of that era. Using history as inspiration is a great way to pay homage to a time which that defined the industry.

For Eddie Borgo, his favorite time in fashion history was the rise of American costume jewelry, in the ’50s and ’60s. This era of jewelry serves as continual inspiration for Eddie and his team at their NYC based studio. The time that Eddie takes to carefully research and refine the best parts of certain periods and influential figures in fashion is reflected in his own, unique vision. He’s incorporated a Majorelle blue in his F/W collection, that captures the mood of the Majorelle Garden in Morocco. Meanwhile, his holiday collection is an ode to the colorfield artists of the ’60s, with geometric, graphic shapes inspired by Kenneth Nolan. It’s these developed details in his collections that make it clear that Eddie is as much a student of fashion as he is a contributor.

Symbolism runs deep in Eddie’s collections, like the deep red colour he used in his F/W to represent life in Marrakech, and it’s something that’s obviously resonating with a lot of people, as seen by his success in the infancy of his company. We like our jewelry to have a meaning and Eddie Borgo’s line speaks to those who want a new kind of classic, with modern silhouettes that still retain the durability and longevity of eras past.

We caught up with Eddie at Holt Renfrew and he talked to us about his love of costume jewelry and also filled us in on the beginnings of Eddie Borgo studio and how living in NYC has inspired both his line and his life.