Demrick ready for his debut

Demrick has a storied history as an emcee. He began rapping in Philadelphia, in the same vein of many rappers before him, in the streets and in cyphers around the city. The best thing about cyphers is that it’s an arena where respect really has to be earned. To battle in a cypher you must be quick footed, able to run rhymes around your opponent and anticipate their every move. There’s none of the cushy comforts a studio can bring, no do overs, no second chances. It’s an education in the destruction of the ego, and the first audience stimulus that emcees receive. It was in this environment where Demrick (formerly Young De) found his voice.

It’s been a few years since Demrick’s rap battle days; he’s since moved to California after being discovered by the likes of Kurupt and B-Real of Cypress Hill. The latter whom Demrick ended up collaborating with on supergroup The Serial Killers.  It seems that all of the work he’s put into the game, the cyphers, the mixtapes and the collaborative album with the Serial Killers, has all been leading up to the release of his first full length album Losing Focus (released today). In this album, it’s evident that he’s learned some major lessons throughout all of the trials and tribulations the unbeaten path has brought him. His music is very much like his upbringing, it’s unidentifiable to any sound. He’s westcoast but east coast, he makes party music with the best of them but is also able to speak candidly about growing up with next to nothing.

It’s a candour that is refreshing, he seems to have no need for a lavish lifestyle and aside from a few cringeworthy lines on Skyscraper (I got models / I got strippers/ I got bitches I’m a player) he’s steering clear of any familial paths in rap. We spoke to him shortly before he released Losing Focus and got some insight into his thought process during the making of the album and the different approach he had to take in making his own album, versus a collaborative album. Check out the video here

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