Demrick on music culture and Losing Focus

Is radio play important anymore? For the growth of an artist, a decade ago the answer would have indubitably been yes. Radio play was the fastest way to get into markets, to expand supporters and maximize visibility. Now, that power has largely shifted to the internet. Artists can market solely through the internet and still have their albums chart well. This has been the case more and more in rap music, as the internet offers an uncensored platform to carry out their vision.

For Demrick, his debut album Losing Focus was written entirely without radio in mind. He’s broken out through his various collaborations on mixtapes and alongside rap veterans Xzibit and B-Real in the supergroup Serial Killers. When it came time to write the material for Losing Focus, he relied on his experiences as he shifted from Washington state to Philadelphia to ending up in Los Angeles and performing around the world. While the subject matter is hardly revolutionary, there’s a comfortable and entirely relatable feel to his music. He’s writing a soundtrack for people to just vibe to, and smoke to, and for him, having the album be on rotation in the lives of everyday people is what matters.

While he may not be gunning to be on Top 40 stations, that doesn’t mean that it’s an entirely forgone platform for pushing out new singles. Satellite radio has been on a wave of success, particularly hip-hop stations which can play rap music, unedited and in all of it’s explicit grandeur. It’s here where Demrick’s album of West Coast good vibes will no doubt be played in rotation.

Demrick’s been anticipating the release of his album for quite awhile now, playing shows across North America as part of the Battle Axe family. He’s the first signing to Madchild’s label and has been closely tied with him since they ran into each other in LA. We were there as Demrick performed¬†Don’t Judge,¬†the first single off of the album. We interviewed him before the show and he spoke with us about his motivation for the record and how shifting around throughout his life inspired the music.

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