Pencil Fingerz first caught our attention with his renderings of celebrated rappers and influential figures of our time. He’s been working hard, building up a roster of rapper clients, who are fans of his drawings, done by Wacom tablet. He put on his exhibit “All My Creations” at Fortune Sound Club, and we were treated to an up close look at his art over the past few years.


Yelawolf is one of PENCIL FINGERZ longest collaborators. The pair have worked on the Slumadian and Slumerican Made your posters, and merchandise. A drawing of Yelawolf, his middle finger prominently on display during Pencil Fingerz art show in Vancouver.


It’s been less than a year since Pencil Fingerz moved from rural Chilliwack, to Vancouver, and he’s been busy making moves since. His first art show in the city, marked his presence as a Vancouver artist, and it was touchingly well attended by friends and family who came out to show love for their hometown boy.




Check out review of his debut Vancouver show on Episode 36 of TSG:OA



Interview with Haery Potter


Artist Haery Potter wearing a Haerwave hoodie

(Haery Potter)

Being an artist in the “internet age” has its own set of triumphs and tribulations. There’s a lot to consider when trying to create something meaningful in a culture which moves at a rampant pace. Social media is a marketplace of adulation, with a vast demographic to test out new pieces; at the same time, it is a place completely saturated with artists and musicians, vying for internet fame.

It takes some searching to find authenticity on platforms like Instagram and Tumblr. You must wade through the accounts full of celebrity drawings and calligraphy, and veer far, far from those who cannot distinguish between art and ‘arts and crafts’. When you find someone with a streamlined aesthetic, producing quality pieces, it’s a refreshing reminder of the power of social media, to connect and inspire each other.

Artist and internet wizard, Haery Potter is that person. His persona and art has kept us enthralled for years. He’s a digital and mixed media artist, and entrepreneur. He founded Haerwave media, which encompasses his artwork, as well as his designs, music, and everything else he’s creating. Under Haerwave Music, he mixes together eclectic artists from all different genres. and as the founder of Haerbrainschemes, he shares his cartoon-like sketches which adorn everything from snapbacks to hoodies, which can all be purchased through his online store. How this internet wizard manages all of this, we’ll never know.


Haery Potter artwork

(Haery Potter)


Ultimately, he is a tastemaker, refusing to be pigeonholed into a singular occupation, constantly creating and curating material for his followers. His work is based around personal nostalgia and it’s evident when you look at his creations that he’s fond of the ‘90s and its influential figures. Looking at the sheer volume of work that he puts out across many platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Soundcloud, to name a few) it’s baffling and inspiring at the same time. It must take a surmountable level of discipline to be able to consistently put out quality art, music and designs, but his attitude is always carefree. Sharing his work at a rapid pace, he seems to be free of the preciousness that sometimes plagues artists and their work.

We spoke with Haery Potter on Episode 23 of Screen Girls on Air and asked him about his beginnings in art and the moment that his art journeyed from hobby into profession. What resonated with us long after our conversation was when Christina asked him how both his mixes and art are so well produced and he told us that us that it’s all symbiotic – if he didn’t have an ear for music, he wouldn’t have an eye for art.

Haery Potter Mojo So Dope Tee

(Haery Potter)

We spoke with Haery on Episode 23 of Screen Girls on Air:

Eduardo Bertone on the importance of digital art


Graphic Artist Eduardo Bertone

Image courtesy of Eduardo Bertone

Eduardo Bertone is a South American expat, living in Madrid. He was born in Argentina in 1977 and studied graphic design. He moved to Madrid, Spain to try something different, and started studying illustration.

Since then, he’s amassed a portfolio of sweeping, intricate designs, and provided social commentary through his drawings. The thought process of each artist is almost as fascinating as the finished piece. Why did they choose one colour composition over the other? What social issues inspire their work? After seeing Eduardo’s portfolio, we had to chat with him about his perspectives on being an artist in Madrid.

Catch the interview below:

Graphic Artist Eduardo Bertone              Graphic Artist Eduardo Bertone  Graphic Artist Eduardo Bertone

What do you think about the art scene in Madrid?

Nowadays, it’s hard to find as large of an art scene in Madrid because of the economy. There’s still many people trying to do things their own way and there’s many interesting projects to be found in the city. When the economy is bad, you have to force yourself to do better because you have to keep going. It’s a bad moment for Madrid but it’s also a good moment for personal growth.

Is the commercial work you do inspired by your personal life at all?

Commercial work and personal work go together for me. I put everything into my art, my life, my art, its all the same for me. My commercial and personal work are really related. Sometimes I have to create something commercially and sometimes I create something that is just for me, but often I find that it could work for my commercial work as well. Art is so intertwined.

What does art mean to you?

This is a very difficult question. Art for me is one of the reasons that it’s worth it to live. It’s what I really enjoy doing, a way to express myself with the rest of the world. It’s what I love. I think that art, illustration, graphic design is really the same in the end. The important thing is that it’s a way to show your point of view and a way to express yourself. For me, I always try to tell people what I see and to share my own personal view with every piece that I create.

You once said “I want to share my work with everybody, I don’t think that art should remain the sole possession of the artist or its owner, I want to hang mine everywhere.” Why is it so important for you to share your work?

I find that art is the best way to try and non verbally communicate with people, to change something, to try and make people think and wake up and not sit all day watching tv. I use art as a medium trying to do something to change the things I don’t really like in our society.

What is the most difficult thing about being an artist?

It’s really rewarding work because you do what you love doing but at the same time. As an artist you want to constantly be getting better and better and better and you always try to improve yourself and sometimes it can be very hard to always make sure you are evolving and to force yourself to change.

What advice can you give to aspiring artists?

I think to be an artist and to do some interesting things you have to always be aware of what’s going on around you. Always go to exhibitions and watch movies. The only way to do something personal and interesting is to immerse yourself in the culture. Be happy with what you’re doing and always strive to make yourself better.

What is the footprint that you want to leave as an artist?

I don’t know because I don’t think about the future. I try to do the best I can and I would like to leave something for the future but that’s not why im doing art, I just love making art and hopefully people will remember that about me.


Graphic Artist Eduardo Bertone


Graphic Artist Eduardo Bertone









Meet Ali Graham – the creator of the 99 Problems blog


Chances are, if you’ve been on Tumblr the last few months, you’ve seen a certain rapper dealing with all of life’s conundrums, from a fear of flying (which garnered close to 19,000 reblogs) to poor twerk ethic. Readers of the 99 Problems blog have seen Jay Z face hilarious “day-to-day” problems, which include clever references to his songs, often going back to his earlier albums. Jay is joined by a roster of guest stars including: Beyonce, Rihanna, Kanye West, and even little Blue Ivy. In this video you’ll meet the very talented Ali Graham, who incorporated pop culture references, such as Breaking Bad, Titanic and Spiderman into the series. Ali mixes in these references amongst mundane everyday problems that lead you to believe that Jay Z  is just like us.

His work is a clever exploration of pop culture, our idolization of musicians and the way we believe them to be superheroes. Ali humorously strips Jay Z down and humanizes him using his own wordplay. His process for creating these works can be laborious, if the idea for the day doesn’t jump to him immediately. Once he’s got the vision, the rest forms quite quickly.

We were there as he drew his problem for the day and it was very fun to watch it all happen from concept to creation. We sat down with him afterwards to discuss his idea for the blog, audience reception to it and whether or not Jay Z knows Ali is illustrating his problems.

It’s projects like these that are particularly exciting for us to be a part of because it shows how one artist has the ability to inspire many others.

Ali revealed the 99th problem recently, and has another series featuring Beyonce in the works, click here to go through the entire series and see how many of the references you can get.


I like the fact that you offer something simple, and people can read into it more

Ali Graham illustrates 99 Problems

Ali Graham is the creator of the 99 Problems blog. In July, we flew to London to interview him about his journey creating the work and how it’s been received around the world. Over the past few months, Ali has been illustrating the 99 Problems of Jay Z. The 99th problem is about to be unveiled, bringing the series to an end. On Monday morning, we’ll be posting our interview with Ali, along with a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into creating each illustration. Until then, check out his site to see how many of rap references you pick up on.

99 problems Jay Z Hustler Baby                   99 problems Jay Z Marina Abramovic 99 Problems Jay Z Miley Cyrus bad twerk ethic

99 Problems Jay Z Kanye West                   99 Problems Jay Z Picasso Baby 99 Problems Jay Z  Jigga