Cam’ron on image and imitation

Cam’ron is a lesson in longevity.

Complacency is not a word that exists in his vernacular. His mind travels at a pace that perhaps even he can’t comprehend. Not content creating in just one field, he’s moves cohesively through several realms of entertainment. He’s made moves in music, acting, screenwriting, directing, and designing and you get the feeling that it’s only the beginning of his experimentation with different mediums.

It can be argued that innovation is one of the most enduring themes of success and Cam seems to be constantly innovating. Inspired by demand for a sequel to 2006’s Killa Season, he decided to instead create First of the Month –  a monthly thirty minute webisode premiering at, you guessed it, the beginning of each month. Each episode is based around Flea, a fictional character whose details shadow the rapper himself. Music is a major part of the series, with Cam releasing five songs along with each episode.

It’s this willingness to experiment that’s led him eschew from the usual roster of hit maker hip hop producers; instead, Cam has teamed up  with electro-house DJ, A-Trak, on a collaborative EP, taking him, and subsequently Harlem into a new sonic wave.

We sat down with Cam’ron after his show and he definitely had us cracking up as we asked him to share with us his thoughts on the importance of image, why he chose the difficult path of entrepreneurship and about Federal Reserve, his upcoming collaboration with A-Trak.

The next episode in the First of the Month series is coming up quick, premiering on September 1st.