Blowfly, the first dirty rapper

Superheroes often go to great lengths to conceal their identities. Living behind a mask is initially easier, inhibitions can be shed, and all indescretions attributed to an alter-ego. Blowfly, born Clarence Reid, has made a career out of quick-witted, dirty raps. He’s the gravelly voice behind such songs as “Electronic Pussy Sucker” and “Porno freak” – and those are some of the tamer titles. Blowfly is a purveyor of filth; his discography spans decades of records with lyrics on par with some of the nastiest rhymes today.

The duality of Blowfly was apparent when we interviewed him. He’d burst into a hilariously inappropriate song, mid-answer and then discuss his involvement in the civil rights era. Clarence has recorded several clean albums and had  written songs for  K.C. and the Sunshine Band; Blowfly sang his dirty raps for John F. Kennedy.

Tom Bowker, Blowfly’s manager of ten years, is the man who brings the best out of Blowfly. Tom is also his drummer, collaborator and co-hort in debauchary. The two filmed The Weird World of Blowfly, a documentary released in 2010, which chronicled Blowfly’s return to performing. It’s endearing to see how the love of music paired these two together. Clarence performed at Bowker’s wedding; Blowfly and Bowker attended a lesbian orgy. A strange and perfect ying and yang, the two are rightly inseparable, after all, every superhero needs a sidekick.

After placing a thirteen day curse on us, Blowfly reminisced on starting out in the South, his love of music and James Brown.

Get off your ass and hustle hard.